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How to choose a sleep apnea mask


If it’s been recommended that you use a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea, you of course need to be fitted for a sleep apnea mask. The mask attaches to the device with a long hose that then fits inside the machine and from there the oxygen flows. But before you are tempted to just purchase one from the internet you should consider some important tips on the fitting and use of a good sleep apnea mask. As with so many other pieces of equipment that go near the head – a football helmet, a pair of glasses – you need to make sure that this mask fits properly and that you’re using it properly as well.

It is important to know that there are different kinds of sleep apnea mask. The nasal type and headgear are the most popular. These are usually more comfortable to wear and provide the highest amount of oxygen. However the fit of your particular sleep apnea mask is going to be vitally important no matter which you choose. Headgear that is too loose and that doesn’t fit properly will lose oxygen over the course of the night and not provide the proper amount. In addition, it can be somewhat uncomfortable as it moves around throughout the night. When you first get your machine make sure that you talk to your doctor about the proper fitting of the sleep apnea mask. You don’t want it to be to big, or fit to tight on your face. That would really defeat the purpose. And once you try it, you will see a noticeable difference after the first night.

If you have a tendency to breathe through your mouth, you may want to consider a sleep apnea mask with a chinstrap.~If you often breathe from you mouth, think about getting a mask that includes a chinstrap. This will help to keep your mouth closed so that you’re not losing oxygen through your mouth when you sleep, which can defeat the purpose of a CPAP machine altogether. Adjust your chinstrap so that it isn’t too loose or tight.

Most headgear you purchase for a CPAP machine will come packaged with a sleep apnea mask included but this doesn’t mean you’re just stuck with this one. If it doesn’t fit properly it’s better to invest in a different mask so that you can have not just the comfort it offers but so that you know it’s working properly as well.As you will be wearing your sleep apnes mask for a considerable number of hours it is important that you get one that is comfortable!


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