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Lack of sleep and the effects


Lack of sleep can become a big health problem in the long run. Some people feel great with what the doctors ordered – eight hours of sleeping time each day. Other can get by with slightly less or more time but the thing is that if you force your body to endure less sleep because you wanted to get more things done, then you are treading on dangerous territory. Eventually you may find that the lack of sleep effects is more than feeling tired and sluggish.

One of the most obvious signs of people suffering from a lack of sleep is having trouble remembering things as concentration start heading south. You might think that when you force yourself to remember things during study time then everything will be alright but things sometimes don’t work that way when your body is subjected to sleep deprivation. If you can recall what you memorize, more often than not it is from your short term memory only and not the long terms ones stored in your brain. The end result is you will start having problems recalling important details and information.

Self-inflicted sleeping disorders such as this can harm your health because your body is not getting enough rest to regenerate itself at night. It does not, for instance, have the time needed to flush the toxins from the system. So one of the lack of sleep symptoms eventually would be feeling sick all the time and looking like a Panda (bags under your eyes).

Another possible reason for lack of sleep is stress. If this is the case, then not only your body does not have enough rest but your mind as well. When stress reign supreme, you will notice that you can’t relax properly because your muscles feel tight (read clenched). Some people have reported that when they lack sleep, their dreams turn violent too.

When you are suffering from a lack of sleep problem, it is wise to see a doctor to see whether it is insomnia or some other medical condition. If you are not prepared to seek treatment as yet, what you can do is experiment with your sleeping hours. For instance, if you are only sleeping four hours at present then see if you will be okay with five. If five is not right, then go for six etc. Most people do well with six to eight hours of sleep although on rare cases some do great with only four hours while some need 10.


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