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Shopping for the perfect bed pillow


The pillow might be your best friend or your worst enemy. Give some thought… you spend a third of life with this pillow. And believe me, pillow you know better than anyone else when you are sleeping well and when you are sleeping poorly. Make the right choice for your pillow, certainly can bring greater comfort and better dream for much of his life.

Most people did not give much more than a thought of passing his pillow. But really owe it to yourself to give careful consideration choice of pillow. But the pillow in any decent size store Department can be overwhelming.The vertiginous and amazing charges for a decent pillow can bring many nights of sleep gran.Pero, be a stingy and you’ll have to pay for it with sleepless nights.

Draw a line between “sleeping pillow” and “looking good pillows”.On “good pillows look” we can put those on the bed, but better not sleep with them.You choose those with its sole purpose: to good aspect. ensure that good looking pillow will keep its shape and be sure that it is the right length for your cama.Eso is really all that matters.

Sleeping pillows, on the other hand, has a single purpose: they are there to make sure that you sleep better.

There are several options to consider:

Firm – your sleep position determines the strength you need. A pillow always must support his head and spine properly.The biggest difference is that if it is a side cabin or a cabin back.Side sleepers required a pillow that is firmer to substantially support the cabeza.Traviesas backs require a pillow flatter or more smooth.

The pillow should give proper head and the support column vertebral.La forms and support pillow that provides changes if you’re a cabin back or a cabin side. If you’re a back cabin fairly flat need a pillow or soft.If you are a side cabin, you may need a pillow that has some more substantial support that can hold its head.

Firm pillow selection policy If you sleep on your:

Return – get a pillow of ‘medium’ Side – get pillow ‘sign’ disease – get a ‘soft’ PillowSIZE – size, its options are standard, the King and Queen.Standard is generally better for a pillow to dormir.Rey or Queen size pillow are generally too largos.Algunas people like the length of the cuerpo.Pero pillow size is merely a matter of preference.

Covering – ticking is the cloth covering the pillow.Serves a few purposes.Locks dust, dead skin, and mites from getting into the pillow and they must also lock the filling out of the closet.Now this may seem an obvious statement, but I have had many pillows down shed feathers or I pasted in the face in the middle of the night.If you are looking down pillow, will like the watches that have at least a 250 thread count (higher is better if you can find it).For any other fillings, 200 thread count will be adequate.

Fillings – pillow filling you choose will make a difference for your convenience, how long will last the pillow, and yet the quality of the air you breathe.

Let ‘ s fill options are described:

Cotton – course allergy-resistant, but over time to agglutinate above.Down, or down – blending – luxurious comfort, long life and are flexible enough to adapt to their necesidades.Pero alergia.Si sick care sensitive may pay the price with a pillow down.Hypoallergenic down – it’s a decent alternative for allergy sufferers, but note that your mileage may variar.Todo depends on its sensitivity.Feather pillows – merge down and more allergy plumas.Enfermos washers must be careful here así.También warned that thicker pens have a tendency to poke through the watchmaking and can be pasted or scratch your face.Polyester – regular grade polyester It is fairly common, but can be compact and solid, similar to cotton.Polyester Siliconized – is much more down to resist the compaction.Rubber foam latex – It is designed to give good support and retains its shape well, but eventually will deteriorate the goma.Una thing is certain, no matter what prefiera.No mislead you same. only one night’s sleep with the pillow right for you, will be enough to convince worth the extra expense to find the right pillow.


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