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The effects of sleep apnea


If you or someone you know suffers from sleep apnea, its important for you to understand how it could affect your health. First you need to determine if your sleep apnea is a health risk to seek further treatment.

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that collapses the airway of the sleep apnea sufferer. The condition is characterized by loud snoring and occurs most often in overweight males and other people whose necks are more than 17 inches in diameter.

Sleep Apnea and Sex

Sleep apnea can decrease your desire for sex and sexual arousal and cause less intense orgasms. After being treated for sleep apnea, patients have cited substantial improvements in their sex lives.

Daytime Drowsiness

Another way how sleep apnea impacts your health is that it causes you to be extremely sleep during the day – and no wonder. Sleep apnea sufferers’ sleep is constantly interrupted, 20 to 30 times every night. During an eight-hour sleep session, someone who suffers from sleep apnea may never sleep for more than ten minutes at a time.

Sleep Apnea And Increased Risk Of Car Accidents

In a Canadian study of 800 patients with sleep apnea, the patients were almost five times more likely than drivers without sleep apnea to have head-on car accidents and accidents involving injuries. Even patients with mild sleep apnea had the same increased risk as patients with severe sleep apnea. If this is how sleep apnea impacts your health, you should seek treatment right away.

Sleep Apnea And Increased Risk Of Diabetes

Sleep apnea can also add to your risk of diabetes. By having you airway collapse while sleeping, your breathing stops and the levels of oxygen in your blood drop.

Your bloodstream is hit with a surge of hormones as your brain tries to wake you. You awake and return to sleep and repeat this cycle until its time to start your day.

The surge of chemicals and hormones that have been added in your bloodstream create stress hormones. Scientists believe these hormones can affect your bodys cells that make insulin. Insulin is a hormone related to diabetes.


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